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Passenger Lists

 Passenger lists online - I'm finding more all the time. 
All the names in this post were found at the
 Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - http://www.immigrantships.net/
None of these are my Pauls - but maybe you will find yours! 
William      PAUL         34 M Miner       England         USA    Steerage    

SS Baltic  Queenstown, Ireland and Liverpool, England to New York
5 April 1878


Mr T H Paul          30    Ma    Gentleman  U States cabin
Mr A Paul            46    Ma    Gentleman  U States  cabin
City of Berlin   Liverpool, England via Queenstown, Ireland to New York
3 February 1879
PAUL, A J            27 Male  Seaman      US       US  Cabin    
SS Colon Aspinwall (Colon), Panama to New York
16 April 1878


PAUL, Z.W.              23  Male     Seaman          US     US      Cabin  
SS Colon  Aspinwall (Colon), Panama to New York
14 January 1879
Tobis Paul

Dragon   Rotterdam via Plymouth to Philadelphia

Qualified September 30, 1732


Steerage Passengers
William Paul           30  male    pattern drawer       Gaston, Eng.  Boston
Ann Paul               34  female                       Gaston, Eng.  Boston
Elizabeth Paul          7  female                       Gaston, Eng.  Boston
Thomas Paul             6  male                         Gaston, Eng.  Boston
William Paul            2  male                         Gaston, Eng.  Boston
Walter Paul           6mo  male                         Gaston, Eng.  Boston

Emerald    Liverpool, England to Boston, Massachusetts
30 April 1827



Kungde. Paul           25  2                  Hessia      Ohio

Europa    Bremen, Germany to New York
June 5, 1866


1* Wm. G. Maxwell   35       Male      Mariner  ???land    United States
2  Elizabeth Paul   35       Female                      United States
3  Ann H.. Paul      3       Female                      United States
4  Wm. Paul          1 1/2   Male                        United States

Schooner Gem   St. John, New Brunswick to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8 March 1837  (There were only 4 passengers listed on this trip – I have included Mr. Maxwell because it seems likely he is a relative. – Carolynjoy) Transcriber couldn’t read first 3 letters of home country – possibly Ireland?)


C Paul            29 M ?  United States United States

SS Habana   Havana, Cuba to New Orleans
5 March 1860


Ernestine Paul         50 F Spinster          Germany Prussia   United States America  Steerage    
Franz Paul             30 M Smith             Germany Prussia   United States America  Steerage 
SS Helvetia    From Liverpool and Queenstown to New York, April 8, 1878



Mr. Paul                        41 male   Merchant       Canada       Canada

SS Hibernia    Liverpool, England to Boston, Massachusetts
25 January 1847



Joseph PAUL          24   Male   Miner        America   (New York)*    

Highflyer  Liverpool to New York, 30th July 1854


Paul Edward               42     m m Cores Merchant    England     English      Liverpool  
          V*Chicago                 In transit to Honolulu 

SS Ivernia  Liverpool, England and Queensland, Ireland to Boston, MA
October 18, 1905


Jean Paul or Gardiner
Margaret, Robert, William, Andrew and Mary Paul

The Lady Egidia   Greenock, Scotland to Otago, New Zealand


Paul        Jean      20 M  Germany   Germany    Lab     No
Paul        Michl      9 M  Germany   Germany    Child   No
Paul        Daniel    33 M  Germany   Germany    Lab     No

Steamship Lord Clive   Passenger List of Steamship Lord Clive from Liverpool

Arrived July 5th 1887 in the Port of Philadelphia



Paul            C. Frederick    male    45  Prussia           Chemist
Barque Natchez  Germany to Galvestone, Texas
Fourth Quarter of 1847
Paul        Carl        41                          M      Farmer   Bade      United States
Paul         Elisabeth              34           F      Farmer   Bade      United States
Paul        Lina                   9                  F      Farmer   Bade      United States
Paul        Carl        8                            M      Farmer   Bade      United States
Paul        Bertha            7                    F       Farmer   Bade      United States
Paul        Ada               5                     F       Farmer   Bade      United States
Paul        Friedrich       3                     M    Farmer   Bade      United States
Rattler  from Havre to New York


Paul Schauf         39    m segarmkr      Germany  U.S.   Steerage
Caroline Paul       30    f wife          Germany  U.S.   Steerage
?ina Paul            9    f none          Germany  U.S.   Steerage
???? Paul            7    m none          Germany  U.S.   Steerage
Elmitr Paul          5    f none          Germany  U.S.   Steerage
Alice Paul           2    f none          Germany  U.S.   Steerage

SS Rhein  Bremen, Germany to New York
13 January 1879


Andrew Paul             36  Farmers/Labourers  Great Britain  U. States   Steerage

Sea King    From Liverpool to Philadelphia, arrival June 12, 1850    


Paul, Richard            17 m Labourer       Wales
Paul, Martha             25 f                Wales
Paul, Jane                I f                Wales Died June 18th 1842 

Senator  from Liverpool to New York, June 1842



Anna       Paul            35  female woman       Prussia  Between Deck
Anna       Paul             9m female her baby    Prussia

SS Wieland   Hamburg & Havre to New York
March 27, 1879


Captain James Paul

London, England via Cape of Good Hope to Port Jackson, Australia
17 November 1834

 Report of a Barque arrived in Port Jackson this 17th Day of November 1834

Vessel’s Name:- James
Tonnage:- 358
Master’s Name:- Paul
From Whence:- London via Cape of Good Hope 29 September
When Sailed:- 29 June
Lading:- Merchandise & Emmigrants
Agent:- William Walker & Co

Cabin Passengers Barque “James” arrived Port Jackson 17th November 1834 burthen 3381.78/100 tons.




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